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715. In RV., this root is regularly inflected

In RV., this root is regularly inflected in the present-system according to the nu-class, making the stem-forms kṛṇó and kṛṇu; the only exceptions are kurmas once and kuru twice (all in the tenth book); in AV., the nu-forms are still more than six times as frequent as the u-forms (nearly half of which, moreover, are in prose passages); but in the Brāhmaṇa language and later, the u-forms are used to the exclusion of the others.

a. As 1st sing. pres. act. is found kurmi in the epos.

b. What irregular forms from kṛ as a verb of the nu-class occur in the older language have been already noticed above.

c. The isolated form taruté, from √tṛ, shows an apparent analogy with these u-forms from kṛ.