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782. Reduplication. In roots beginning

Reduplication. In roots beginning with a consonant, the reduplication which forms the perfect-stem is of the same character with that which forms the present-stem of the reduplicating conjugation-class (see 643) — but with this exception, that radical अ a and आ ā and ऋ  (or अर् ar) have only अ a, and never इ i, as vowel of the reduplicating syllable: thus, from √पृ pṛ fillcomes the present-stem पिपृ pipṛ, but the perfect-stem पपृ papṛ; from √मा  measure comes the present-stem मिमा mimā, but the perfect-stem ममा mamā; and so on.

a. Irregularities of roots with initial consonants will be given below, 784.