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784. Number of roots beginning with va

 A number of roots beginning with va and ending with a single consonant, which in various of their verbal forms and derivatives abbreviate the va to u, do it also in the perfect, and are treated like roots with initial u (above, 783 b), except that they retain the full form of root in the strong persons of the singular active. Thus, from √vac speak come ūc and uvac; from √vasdwell come ūṣ and uvas; and so on.

a. The roots showing this abbreviation are vacvapvadvaçvasvah; and  weave is said to follow the same rule.

b. A single root beginning with ya, namely yaj offer, has the same contraction, forming the stems iyaj and ij.

c. Occasional exceptions are met with: as, vavāca and vavakṣé (RV.); vavāpa and vavāha and vavāhatus (E. and later); yejé (V.).