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805. From roots gam and ban

a. From roots gam and ban the Veda makes the strong stems jaganvā́ṅs (as to the n, see 212 a) and jaghanvā́ṅs; the later language allows either these or the more regularjagmivāṅs and jaghnivā́ṅs (the weakest stem-forms being everywhere jagmúṣ and jaghnúṣ). RV. has also tatanvā́ṅa.

b. From three roots, vid findviç, and dṛç, the later language allows strong participle-stems to be made with the union-vowel, as well as in the regular manner without it: thus,viviçivāṅs or viviçvāṅsdadṛçivāṅs occurs in KṭhU. PB. has once cicchidivāṅs.