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833. Again, from a larger number of roots

Again, from a larger number of roots with a as radical vowel:

a. Of these, gam (with n for m when final or followed by m: 143 a, 212 a) is of decidedly most frequent occurrence, and shows the greatest variety of forms: thus, ágamamágan (2d and 3d sing.), áganmaaganta (strong form), ágman. The other cases are akran from √kramátan from √tanabhrāṭ from √bhrājaskan from √skandasrat from √sraṅs (? VS.);dhak and daghma from √daghā́naṭ (585 a) and anaṣṭām from √naçághas or aghatághastāmaghasta, and ákṣan (for aghsan, like agman) from √ghas; and the 3d pll. in us,ákramus, ayamus, dabhús, nṛtus (pf.?), mandús.