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904. Irregularities are to be noticed

Irregularities are to be noticed as follows:

a. The contracted forms akramīm, agrabhīm, and avadhīm (with augmentless vádhīm) are found in 1st sing. act.

b. For áçarīt occurs in AV. áçarāit; also (in a part of the manuscripts) çarāis for çarīsagrahāiṣam is found in AB. (also the monstrous form ajagrabhāiṣam: see 801 i). Ajayit, with short i in the ending, occurs in TS.

c. AV. has once nudiṣṭhās, without guṇa.

d. The forms atārima (RV.), avādiran (AV.), and bādhithās (TA.), though they lack the sibilant, are perhaps to be referred to this aorist: compare avitá, 908. A few similar cases occur in the epics, and are of like doubtful character: thus, jānithās, mādithās, vartithās, çan̄kithās, and (the causative: 1048) aghātayithāsAgṛhītām and gṛhīthāsand gṛhīta, if not false readings for gṛhṇī-, are probably irregular present-formations.