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996. Derivative
997. Secondary conjugations are
998. The passive conjugation
999. A decided predilection for the passive form
1000. Intensive
1001. The intensive conjugation may be formed
1003. The same root is allowed
1004. The model of normal intensive inflection
1005. The parts of the present-system
1006. As example of inflection: root - know
1007. The forms found
1008. Subjunctive forms with primary endings
1009. This mode would show the unstrengthened stem
1010. The regular forms of the imperative
1011. Older imperative forms are less rare
1012. The intensive participles
1013. On account of their accent
1014. The imperfect is regularly inflected
1015. The imperfect forms found
1016. Derivative Middle Inflection
1017. This kind of intensive inflection
1018. The grammarians are at variance
1019. Aorist, Future etc
1020. There are systems of inflection
1021. The stem regulate
1022. The root totter
1023. Anomalous form dart
1024. A marked intensive or frequentative
1025. It is allowed by the grammarians
1026. By the desiderative conjugation
1027. The desiderative stem is formed
1028. The root in general remains unchanged
1029. The consonant of the reduplication
1030. A number of roots, including some of very common
1031. The use of the auxiliary vowel
1032. Inflection: Present-System
1033. Desiderative forms outside the present-system
1034. The desiderative perfect is the periphrastic
1035. The aorist is of the form
1036. The futures are made with the auxiliary vowel
1037. Verbal Nouns and Adjectives
1038. Of other declinable stems
1039. Derivative or Tertiary Conjugations
1040. Some stems which are desiderative
1041. Causative
1042. The treatment of the root
1043. The causative stem is inflected
1044. Formations from the causative stem
1045. Perfect. The accepted causative perfect
1046. The aorist of the causative conjugation is the reduplicated
1047. Root has assumed a peculiar form
1048. Few sporadic forms
1049. A precative is of course allowed
1050. Futures with the conditional
1051. Verbal Nouns and Adjectives are made
1052. Derivative or Tertiary Conjugations
1053. A denominative conjugation
1054. The grammarians teach that any noun-stem
1055. The base of denominative conjugation
1056. Intermediate between the denominative
1057. Denominatives are formed at every period
1058. The denominative meaning is
1059. From stems in a
1060. Plays the herdsman protects
1061. From stems in i
1062. From other vowel-stems
1063. From consonant-stems
1064. The largest class of consonantal stems
1065. The grammarians reckon as a special class of denominatives
1066. A number of denominative stems
1067. The denominative stems in RV
1068. The denominative stems are inflected with regularity