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1015. The imperfect forms found

The imperfect forms found in the earlier texts are not numerous. They are, including those from which the augment is omitted, as follows: in active, 1st sing., acākaçam, dediçam; 2d sing., ajāgar, adardar, dárdar; 3d sing., adardar, adardhar, avarīvar, dardar, kániṣkan, dávidyot, návīnot; 2d du., adardṛam; 1st pl., marmṛjmá; 3d pl.,anannamus, adardirus, acarkṛṣus, ájohavus, anonavus; and, with auxiliary ī, in 3d sing., avāvacīt, ávāvaçīt, ávāvarīt, áyoyavīt, ároravīt, ájohavīt; and, irregularly, in 3d du., avāvaçītām. The middle forms are extremely few: namely, 3d sing., ádediṣṭa, ánannata (with loss of the final radical in a weak form of root); 3d pl.marmṛjata, and avāvaçanta (which, if it belongs here, shows a transfer to an a-stem).