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1026. By the desiderative conjugation

III. Desiderative.

By the desiderative conjugation is signified a desire for the action or condition denoted by the simple root: thus, पिबामि píbāmi I drink, desid. पिपासामि pípāsāmi I wish to drink; जीवामि jī́vāmi I live, desid. जिजीविषामि jíjīviṣāmi I desire to live. Such a conjugation is allowed to be formed from any simple root in the language, and also from any causative stem.

a. The desiderative conjugation, although its forms outside the present-system are extremely rare in the oldest language, is earlier and more fully expanded into a whole verbal system than the intensive. Its forms are also of increasing frequency: much fewer than the intensives in RV., more numerous in the Brāhmaṇas and later; not one third of the whole number of roots (about a hundred) noted as having a desiderative conjugation in Veda and Brāhmaṇa have such in RV.