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1040. Some stems which are desiderative

Some stems which are desiderative in form have lost the peculiarity of desiderative meaning, and assumed the value of independent roots: examples are cikitscurejugups,despisetitikṣendurebībhatsabhormīmāṅs ponderçuçrūṣ obey. Doubtless some of the apparent roots in the language with sibilant final are akin with the desideratives in origin: e.g. çikṣ, desiderative of çak.

a. On account of the near relation of desiderative and future (cf. 948 b), the former is occasionally found where the latter was rather to be expected: thus, rājānam prayiyāsantam (ÇB.)a king about to departprāṇa uccikramiṣan (ChU.) the breath on the point of expiringmumūrṣur ivā ’bhavat (H.) he was fain to die.