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1050. Futures with the conditional

Futures. Both futures, with the conditional, are made from the causative stem, with the auxiliary इ i, which takes the place of its final अ a. Thus:

धारयिष्यामि dhārayiṣyā́mi etc.धारयिष्ये dhārayiṣyé etc.
धारयिष्यन्त् dhārayiṣyántधारयिष्यमाण dhārayiṣyámāṇa
अधारयिष्यम् ádhārayiṣyam etc.अधारयिष्ये ádhārayiṣye etc.
Periphrastic Future.
धारयितास्मि dhārayitā́smi etc.

a. It has been mentioned above that RV. and AV. contain only two examples each of the s-future, and none of the periphrastic. The former begin to appear in the Brāhmaṇas more numerously, but still sparingly, with participles, and conditional (only adhārayiṣyat ÇB.; alāpayiṣyathās ChU.); of the latter, ÇB. affords two instances (pārayitā́smi andjanayitā́si). Examples of both formations are quotable from the later language (including the middle form darçayitāhev: 947 c).