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1061. From stems in i

From stems in iī, and uū. Such stems are (especially those in uū) very rare. They show regularly ī and ū before ya: thus, arātīyáti (also -tiy-) plots injuryjanīyáti(also -niy-) seeks a wifesakhīyáti desires friendshipnārīyate turns woman; — çatrūyáti acts the foeṛjūyáti is straightvasūyáti desires wealthasūyáti grumbles, is discontented: with short ugātuyáti sets in motion.

a. More rarely, i or u is treated as a (or else is gunated, with loss of a y or v): thus, dhunayáti comes snortinglaghayati makes easier. Sometimes, as to a (above, 1059f), a sibilant is added: thus, aviṣyáti is vehementuruṣyáti saves. From dhī, RV. makes dhiyāyáte.