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1072. Periphrastic perfect of the middle voice

The periphrastic perfect of the middle voice is made with the middle inflection of √कृ kṛ. For passive use, the auxiliaries अस् as and भू bhū are said to be allowed to take a middle inflection.

a. One or two late examples of bhū with middle inflection have been pointed out, but none of as.

b. It is unnecessary to give a paradigm of this formation, as the inflection of the auxiliaries is the same as in their independent use: for that of √kṛ, see 800 k; of √bhū, see 800 d; of √as, see 800m.

c. The connection of the noun and auxiliary is not so close that other words are not occasionally allowed to come between them: thus, mīmāṅsā́m evá cakré (ÇB.) he merely speculatedvidāṁ vā idam ayaṁ cakāra (JB.) he verily knew thisprabhraṅçayāṁ yo naghuṣaṁ cakāra who made Naghusha fall headlong (Rgh.).