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1078. Prefixes essentially

Prefixes essentially akin with the above, but more distinctly adverbial, and of more restricted use, are these:

ácha (or áchāto, unto: tolerably frequent in RV. (used with over twenty roots), but already unusual in AV. (only two roots), quite restricted in B., and entirely lost in the later language;

āvís forth to sight, in view: used only with the roots bhūas, and kṛ;

tirás through, crossways; out of sight: hardly used except with kṛdhābhū (in RV., with three or four others);

purás in front, forward: used with only half-a-dozen roots, especially kṛdhāi;

prādús forth to view: only with bhūaskṛ.

a. A few others, as bahis outsidevinā withoutalam (with bhū and kṛsufficiently, properlysākṣāt in view, are still less removed from ordinary adverbs.