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1107. Suffix are made with great freedom

By the suffix vát are made with great freedom, in every period of the language, adverbs signifying after the manner of, like, etc.

a. Thus, an̄girasvát like Angirasmanuṣvát (RV.) as Manu didjamadagnivát after the manner of Jamadagnipūrvavát or pratnavát or purāṇavátas of old,kākatālīyavat after the fashion of the crow and the palm-fruit.

b. This is really the adverbially used accusative (with adverbial shift of accent: below, 1111 g) of the suffix vant ( 1233 f), which in the Veda makes certain adjective compounds of a similar meaning: thus, tvā́vant like theemā́vant of my sort, etc.