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1126. The Locative

The Locative. This case is least of all used with words that can claim the name of preposition. Of directives, antár and its later derivative antarā́, meaning within, in, are oftenest added to it, and in the classical language as well as earlier. Of frequent Vedic use with it are ā́ and ádhi: thus, mártyeṣv ā́ among mortals; pṛthivyā́m ádhy óṣadhīḥ the plants upon the earth; téjo máyi dhārayā́ ’dhi (AV.) establish glory in me; — ápi and úpa are much rarer: thus, yā́ apā́m ápi vraté [sánti] (RV.) who are in the domain of the waters; amū́r yā́ úpa sū́rye [sánti] (RV.) who are up yonder in the sun; — sácā along with is not rare in RV., but almost entirely unknown later: thus, pitróḥ sácā satī́staying with her parents.