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1152. Extremely small number of action-nouns

तस् tas, नस् nas, सस् sas. With these suffixes are made an extremely small number of action-nouns. Thus:

a. With tas are made rétas seed, and srótas stream.

b. With nas are made ápnas acquisitionárṇas wave, -bhárṇas offeringrékṇas riches; and in dráviṇas wealth, and párīṇas fulness is apparently to be seen the same suffix, with prefixed elements having the present value of union-vowels. Probably the same is true of dámūnas house-friend, and ṛ́jūnas (RV.) n. pr., uçánas (or -nā) n. pr.

c. With sas is perhaps made vápsas beauty; and tárūṣas may be mentioned with it (rather tarus-a?).