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1154. Suffix are made a few words

उस् us. With this suffix are made a few words, of various meaning, root-form, and accent.

a. They are words signifying both action and agent. A few have both meanings, without difference of accent: thus, tápus heat and hot; árus wound and sore; cákṣus brightness andseeing, eye; vápus wonderful and wonder. The nouns are mostly neuter, and accented on the root-syllable: thus, ā́yustáruspúrusmúhus (? only adverbial), míthus (do.), yájus,çā́sus; exceptions are: in regard to accent, janús birth; in regard to gender, mánus man, and náhus, proper name. Of adjectives, are accented on the ending jayúsvanús, anddakṣús burning (which appears to attach itself to the aorist-stem).