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1160. Not many words are made with a suffix

अन् an. Not many words are made with a suffix of this form, and of these few are plainly to be connected with roots. Certain rare neuters (along with the doubtful infinitives) are nouns of action; the rest are masculine and neuter agent-nouns. The accent is various.

a. The infinitives which admit of being referred to this suffix, as locative cases, are those in ṣáṇi, of which the sibilant may be the final of a tense-stem. They are all given above (978).

b. The other action-nouns in an are mahán greatnessrāján authority (RV., once: compare rā́jan; the accent-relation is the reverse of the usual one), and gámbhan depth (VS., once); and PB. has kṣepṇā once.

c. Agent-nouns (in part of doubtful connection) are: ukṣán oxcákṣan eyetákṣan carpenterdhvasán proper name, pūṣán name of a god, majján marrowrā́jan kingvṛ́ṣan virile, bullsághansnīhán (snūhan Āpast.); also -gmanjmán, -bhvan, -çvan, with çványúvanyóṣan, and the stems áhanū́dhan, etc. (430–4), filling up the inflection of other defective stems.

d. With prefixes occur pratidī́van and átidīvanvibhvánníkāman.