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1166. The action-nouns made by this suffix

म ma. The action-nouns made by this suffix are almost all masculine; and they are of various root-form and accent, as are also the agent-nouns and adjectives.

a. Examples of action-nouns are: ajmá coursegharmá heat; éma progressbhā́ma brightnesssárna flowstóma song of praise.

b. Examples of agent-nouns etc. are: tigmá sharpbhīmá terribleçagmá mightyidhmá fuelyudhmá warrior. A single instance from a reduplicated root is tūtumá powerfulSarámā f., with a before the suffix, is of doubtful connection.

c. A number of stems in ma have stems in man beside them, and appear, at least in part, to be transfers from the an- to the a-declension. Such are ajmaomaemaarmatókma,darmádhármanarmáyā́mayugmavemaçuṣmasómasármahóma.