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1170. Suffixes may best be noticed here

वन vana, वनि vani, वनु vanu. The very few words made with these suffixes may best be noticed here, in connection with वन् van (of which the others are probably secondary extensions).

a. With vana are made vagvaná talkativesatvaná warrior (beside sátvan, above); and, from a reduplicated root, çuçukvaná shining.

b. With vani are made from simple roots turváṇi excelling, and bhurváṇi restless, and, from reduplicated roots, çuçukváni shiningdadhṛṣváṇi daringtuturváṇi striving after, and jugurváṇi praising; arhariṣváṇi is obscure.

c. With vanu is made only vagvanú tone, noise.