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1188. A large number of adjectives

र ra. With this suffix are made a large number of adjectives, almost always with weak root-form, and usually with accent on the suffix. Also, a few words used as nouns, of various gender. In some cases, the suffix is found with a preceding vowel, having the aspect of a union-vowel.

a. Examples of adjectives in ra are: kṣiprá quickchidrá splitturá strongbhadrá pleasingçakrá mightyçukrá brighthiṅsrá injurious; with accent on the root, only gṛ́dhragreedytúmra stoutdhī́ra wise (secondary?), vípra inspiredtúgra n. pr.

b. From roots with prefixes come only an example or two: thus, nicirá attentivenímṛgra joining on.

c. Nouns in ra are: masc., ájra fieldvīrá manvájra thunderboltçū́ra hero; neut., ágra pointkṣīrá milkrándhra hollowriprá defilement; fem., dhā́rā streamçíprājawsúrā intoxicating drink.

The forms of this suffix with preceding vowel may best be considered here, although some of them have nearly or quite gained the value of independent endings. Thus:

d. With ara are made a few rare words: the adjectives dravará runningpatará flying, (with prefix) nyocará suiting; and the nouns gambhára depthtásara and trasara shuttle,sánara gain, -ṛkṣara thorn; bhārvará and vāsará are doubtless of secondary formation; and the same thing may be plausibly conjectured of others. As made with āra may be mentioned mandāra a tree, mārjāra cat.

e. With ira are made a few words, some of which are in common use: thus, ajirá quickkhadirá a tree, timira darkdhvasirá stirring upmadirá pleasingmudira cloud,badhirá deafrucira brightiṣirá livelyásira missilesthávira firm; and sthira hard, and sphirá fat, with displacement of final radical ā; also sarirá wave (usuallysalilá). With īra are made gabhīrá or gambhīrá profound and çávīra mighty, and perhaps çárīra body.

f. With ura are made a few words, of some of which the secondary character is probable: thus, aṅhurá (aṅhu-ra?) narrowásura (ásu-ra?) livingchidura tearingbhan̄gurábreakingbhāsura shiningbhidura splittingmedura fatyādura unitingvithura totteringvidura knowingvidhura lacking. With ūra, apparently, are made sthūrá stout(compare sthávira), kharjū́ra a tree, mayū́ra peacock (or imitative?).