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1196. tnu. This suffix is used

त्नु tnu. This suffix is used in nearly the same way with स्नु snu (above, 1194).

a. As used with simple roots, the t is generally capable of being considered the adscititious t after a short root-final, to which nu is then added: thus, kṛtnú activegatnú (? RV.), hatnúdeadly, -tatnu (?) stretching; and, from reduplicated roots, jigatnú hasting, and jighatnú harming; but also dartnú bursting. Also, with union-vowel, dravitnú runningdayitnu (? LÇS.).

b. With causative stems: for example, drāvayitnú hastingpoṣayitnú nourishingmādayitnú intoxicatingtanayitnú and stanayitnú thundersūdayitnú flowing, -āmayitnúsickening.

c. With preceding a, in pīyatnú scoffingmehatnú a river, ā-rujatnú breaking into; and kavatnú miserly (obscure derivation).