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1201. A number of other primary suffixes

A number of other primary suffixes are either set up by the grammarians and supported with examples of questionable value, or are doubtfully deducible from isolated words traceable to known roots, or from words of obscure connection.

a. A few such may be mentioned here: aṇḍa in karaṇḍa and váraṇḍa and certain unquotable words (prakritized a-forms from the present participle); era and ora in unquotable words, and elima (above, 966 d: perhaps a further derivative with secondary ima from era); mara (ma or man with secondary ra added) in ghasmarasṛmará, etc.; — sara in matsarákarain púṣkara and other obscure words, pa in púṣpastupástū́pa, and a number of other obscure words; and so on.