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1218. With this suffix are made gerundival adjectives

आय्य āyya. With this suffix are made gerundival adjectives, almost only in RV. They have been noticed above (966 c). The ending is everywhere to be read as ā́yia.

a. A few adjectives without gerundival value, and neuter abstracts, also occur: thus, bahupā́yya protecting manynṛpā́yya men-guarding; kuṇḍapā́yya, and purumā́yya, proper names; pūrvapā́yya first drinkmahayā́yya enjoyment; — and rasā́yya nervous, and uttamā́yya summit, contain no verbal root. Alā́yya is doubtful; also ākāyyà, which its accent refers to a different formation, along with prahāyyà (AV.: √himessenger, and pravāyyà (AV.), of doubtful value.