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1221. i. Derivatives made with this suffix

इ i. Derivatives made with this suffix are patronymics from nouns in a. The accent rests on the initial syllable, which has the vṛddhi-strengthening.

a. In RV. are found half-a-dozen patronymics in i: for example, ā́gniveçi, pāúrukutsi, prā́tardani, sā́ṁvaraṇi; AV. has but one, prā́hrādi; in the Brāhmaṇas they are more common: thus, in AB., sāuyavasi, jānaṁtapi, āruṇi, jānaki, etc. A single word of other value — sā́rathi charioteer (sarátham) — is found from RV. down.

b. The words made with the so-called suffix aki — as vāiyāsaki descendant of Vyāsa — are doubtless properly derivatives in i from others in ka or aka. That the secondary suffix ikais probably made by addition of ka to a derivative in i is pointed out below (1222 j).

c. RV. has tápuṣi, apparently from tápus with a secondary i added, and the n. pr. çucantī́bhuvantí is found in B., and jīvanti later.