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1224. Certain suffixes containing a m

Certain suffixes containing a म् m may be similarly grouped.

a. With ima are made a small number of adjectives from nouns in tra: thus, khanítrima made by diggingkṛtríma artificialdattrima, paktrima, pūtríma; in other finals,kuṭṭima, gaṇima, talima, tulima, pākima, udgārima, vyāyogima, saṁvyūhima, nirvedhima, āsan̄gima, all late. In agrima (RV.) foremost the ma has perhaps the ordinal value.

b. The uses of simple ma in forming superlatives (474) and ordinals (487 d, e) have been already noticed, and the words thus made specified.

c. A few neuter abstracts end in mna: thus, dyumná brightnessnṛmṇá manliness; and, from particles, nimná depth and sumná welfare. The suffix comes perhaps from man with an addeda.

d. For the words showing a final min, see below, 1231.