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1226. ra. A few derivative adjectives

र ra. A few derivative adjectives are made with this suffix. Accent and treatment of the primitive are various.

a. With simple addition of ra are made, for example: pāṅsurá dusty, -çrīra (also -çlīla) in açrīrá uglydhūmrá dusky (dhūmá smoke), madhura (late) sweet. In an example or two, there appears to be accompanying initial strengthening: thus, ā́gnīdhra of the fire-kindler (agnī́dh), çān̄kura stake-like (çan̄kú); and in çekhara (also çikhara), a guṇa-strengthening.

b. With an inorganic vowel before the ending are made, for example, médhira wiserathirá in a chariot; karmā́ra smith; dantura (late) tusked; acchéra (? MS.), çrāmaṇera, saṁgamanera.

c. The use of ra in forming a few words of comparative meaning was noticed above (474), and the words so made were given.