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1229. Few adjectives appear to be made by an added ending

श ça. A very few adjectives appear to be made by an added ending of this form.

a. Thus, romaçá or lomaçá hairyétaça (also etaçávariegatedarvaçá or árvaça hastingbabhluçá or babhruçá and kapiça brownishkṛṣṇaça blackishyuvaçá youthful,bāliça childishkarkaça harshkarmaça (?) n. pr.; and giriça, vāriça (?), vṛkṣaça are doubtless of the same character (not containing the root çī). The character of harīmaçá, káçmaça, kaláça is doubtful.

b. Many of the adjective derivatives already treated have sometimes a possessive value, the general meaning of being concerned with, having relation to being specialized into that of being in possession of. But there are also a few distinctively possessive suffixes; and some of these, on account of the unlimited freedom of using them and the frequency of their occurrence, are very conspicuous parts of the general system of derivation. These will be next considered.