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1274. Compounds with derivatives in ti

Compounds with derivatives in ti have (like combinations with the prefixes: 1157 e) the accent of the prior member.

a. Examples are: dhánasāti winning of wealthsómapīti soma-drinkingdeváhūti invocation of the godsnámaūkti utterance of homagehavyádāti presentation of offerings; and so tokásāti, deváhiti, rudráhūti, sūktókti, svagā́kṛti, díviṣṭi.

b. In nemádhiti, medhásāti, vanádhiti (all RV.), the accent of the prior member is changed from penult to final.

c. Where the verbal character of the derivative is lost, the general rule of final accent (1267) is followed: thus, devahetí weapon of the godsdevasumatí favor of the godsbrahmacitíBrahman-pile. Also in sarvajyāní entire ruin, the accent is that of compounds with ordinary nouns.