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1276. There is a group of compounds with derivatives in i

There is a group of compounds with derivatives in i, having the accent on the penult or radical syllable.

a. Thus, pathirákṣi road-protectinghavirmáthi sacrifice-disturbingātmadū́ṣi soul-harmingpathiṣádi sitting in the pathsahobhári ' strength-bearingvasuváni winning good-thingsdhanasáni gaining wealthmanomúṣi mind-stealingphalagráhi setting fruit; and, from reduplicated root, urucákri making room. Compounds with -sániand -váni are especially frequent in Veda and Brāhmaṇa; as independent words, nouns, these are accented saní and vaní. In many cases, the words are not found in independent use. Combinations with prefixes do not occur in sufficient numbers to establish a distinct rule, but they appear to be oftenest accented on the suffix (1155 f).

b. From √han are made in composition -ghni and -ghnī, with accent on the ending: thus, sahasraghní, ahighnī́, çvaghnī́; -dhi from √dhā, (1155 g) has the accent in its numerous compounds: thus, iṣudhí, garbhadhí, pucchadhí.