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1278. Compounds with other derivatives of rare

Compounds with other derivatives, of rare or sporadic occurrence, may be briefly noticed: thus, in urāṣṭradipsú, devapīyú, govindú, vanargú (?): compare 1178 e; — innu or tnulokakṛtnú, surūpakṛtnú: compare 1196; — in tṛnṛpātṛ́, mandhātṛ́, haskartṛ́ (vasudhā́taras, AV., is doubtless a false reading). The derivatives in as are of infrequent occurrence in composition (as in combination with prefixes: above, 1151 k), and appear to be treated as ordinary nouns: thus, yajñavacás (but hiraṇyatéjas, AV.).