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1296. Possessively used dependent compounds

Possessively used dependent compounds, or possessive dependents, are very much less common than those corresponding to the other division of determinatives.

a. Further examples are: mayū́raroman having the plumes of peacocksagnítejas having the brightness of firejñatímukha wearing the aspect of relativespátikāma desiring a husbandhastipāda having an elephant's feetrājanyàbandhu having kshatriyas for relatives.

b. The accent is, as in the examples given, regularly that of the prior member, and exceptions are rare and of doubtful character. A few compounds with derivatives in ana have the accent of the final member: e. g. indrapā́na serving as drink for Indradevasádana serving as seat for the godsrayisthā́na being source of wealth; but they contain no implication of possession, and are possibly in character, as in accent, dependent (but compare 1294 b). Also a few in as, as nṛcákṣas men-beholdingnṛvā́has men-bearingkṣetrasā́dhas field-prospering, are probably to be judged in the same way.