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1306. Possessive compounds with an ordinary adverb

Possessive compounds with an ordinary adverb as prior member are also found in every period of the language. They usually have the accent which belongs to the adverb as independent word.

a. Examples are: ántyūti bringing near helpavódeva calling down the godsitáūti helping on this sideihácitta with mind directed hitherdakṣiṇatáskaparda wearing the braid on the right sidenā́nādharman of various characterpurudhápratīka of manifold aspectviçvátomukha with faces on all sidessadyáūti of immediate aidvíṣurūpa of various formsmádūdhan with udderadhástāllakṣman with mark belowekatomukha with face on one sidetáthāvidha of such sort.

b. An instance or two of irregular accent are met with: thus, purorathá whose chariot is foremostevaṁkratú so-minded.