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261. The general subject of declension
262. Declensional forms show primarily case
263. Gender
264. Number
265. As to the uses of the numerals
266. Case
267. Uses of the Nominative
268. One or two peculiar constructions
269. Uses of the accusative
270. Use of the accusative as direct object
271. Of verbal derivatives
272. Examples of an accusative
273. Direct construction of cases
274. Accusative is very often found
275. Examples of the cognate accusative
276. Accusative is often used in more adverbial constructions
277. Accusative is, of course, freely used
278. Uses of the Instrumental
279. Instrumental is often used to signify accompaniment
280. Instrumental of means
281. Of special applications
282. Construction of a passive verb
283. Many instrumental constructions
284. Prepositions taking the instrumental
285. Uses of the Dative
286. Dative is used with
287. In its more distinctive sense
288. Dative is not to be used with prepositions
289. Uses of the Ablative
290. Ablative is used where expulsion
291. Ablative is used where procedure
292. One or two special applications
293. Ablative is used with a variety of prepositions
294. Uses of the Genitive
295. Genitive in its normal adjective construction
296. Genitive is dependent
297. Genitive as object of a verb
298. Genitive in its usual possessive sense
299. Prepositional constructions of the genitive
300. Genitive is very little used adverbially
301. Uses of the Locative
302. Locative of situation in space hardly needs illustration
303. Locative of sphere
304. Pregnant construction
305. Prepositions construed with the locative
306. Declensional forms
307. Endings - Singular
308. Dual
309. Plural
310. Normal scheme of endings
311. Variations of Stem
312. Other variations concern
313. Insertions between Stem
314. Accent in Declension
315. As regards the other cases
316. Stems accented on the final
317. In the declension of monosyllabic stems
318. Polysyllabic stems ending in consonants
319. Polysyllabic stems ending in accented short vowels
320. Root-words