433. The stems m. road

The stems pánthan m. road is reckoned in the later language as making the complete set of strong cases, with the irregularity that the nom.-voc. sing. adds a s. The corresponding middle cases are made from pathí, and the weakest from path. Thus:

from pánthan  pánthās, pánthānam; pánthānāu; pánthānas;

from pathí  pathíbhyām; pathíbhis, pathíbhyas, pathíṣu;

from path  pathā́, pathé, pathás, pathí; pathós; pathás or páthas (accus.), pathā́m.

a. In the oldest language (RV.), however, the strong stem is only pánthā: thus, pánthās, nom. sing.; pánthām, acc. sing.; pánthās, nom. pl.; and even in AV.,pánthānam and pánthānas are rare compared with the others. From pathí occur also the nom. pl. patháyas and gen. pl. pathīnā́m. RV. has once pāthás, acc. pl., with long ā.