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481. But the two factors

But the two factors, multiplier and multiplied, are also, and in later usage more generally, combined into a compound (accented on the final); and this is then treated as an adjective, qualifying the numbered noun; or else its neuter or feminine (in ī) singular is used substantively: thus, daçaçatā́s 1000; ṣaṭçatāiḥ padātibhiḥ (MBh.)with 600 foot-soldiers; tráyastriṅçat triçatā́ḥ ṣaṭsahasrāḥ (AV.) 6333; dviçatám or dviçatī́ 200; aṣṭādaçaçatī 1800.

a. In the usual absence of accentuation, there arises sometimes a question as to how a compound number shall be understood: whether aṣṭaçatam, for example, isaṣṭáçatam 108 or aṣṭaçatám 800, and the like.