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488. The ordinals, as in other languages

 The ordinals, as in other languages, have other than ordinal offices to fill; and in Sanskrit especially they are general adjectives to the cardinals, with a considerable variety of meanings, as fractionals, as signifying composed of so many parts or so-many-fold, or containing so many, or (as was seen above, 479) having so many added.

a. In a fractional sense, the grammarians direct that their accent be shifted to the first syllable: thus, dvítīya half; tṛ́tīya third part; cáturtha quarter; and so on. But in accented texts only tṛ́tīya third, and cáturtha (ÇB.) and túrīya quarter, are found so treated; for half occurs only ardhá; and caturthá (MS. etc.), pañcamá, and so on, are accented as in their ordinal use.