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518. Pronominal roots show

The pronominal roots show a like prolongation of vowel in combination with the root dṛç see, look, and its derivatives -dṛça and (quite rarely) dṛkṣa: thus, mādṛç, -dṛça; tvādṛç, -dṛça; yuṣmādṛç, -dṛça; tādṛç, -dfta, -dṛkṣa; etādṛç, -dṛça, -dṛkṣa; yādṛç, -dṛça; īdṛ́ç, -dṛ́ça, -dṛ́kṣa; kīdṛ́ç, -dṛça, -dṛkṣa. They mean of my sort, like or resembling me, and the like, and tādṛç and the following are not uncommon, with the sense of talis and qualis. The forms in dṛç are unvaried for gender; those in dṛça (and dṛkṣa?) have feminines in ī.