175. Final as

a. Final अस् as, before any sonant consonant and before short अ a, is changed to ओ o—and the अ a after it is lost.

b. The resulting accentuation, and the fact that the loss of a is only occasional in the older language of the Veda, have been pointed out above, 135a, c.

Examples are: nalo nāma, brahmaṇyo vedavit; manobhava; hantavyo ‘smi; anyonya (anyas + anya), yaçortham (yaças + artham).

c. Final अस् as before any other vowel than अ a loses its स् s, becoming simple अ a; and the hiatus thus occasioned remains.

d. That is to say, the o from as is treated as an original e is treated in same situation: see 132–3.

Examples are: bṛhadaçva uvāca, āditya iva, námaūkti, vásyaīṣṭi.