194. Finally, in the Veda

Finally, in the Veda, a n (usually initial) is occasionally lingualized even by an altering sound in another word. The toneless pronouns nas and ena- are oftenest thus affected: thus, pári ṇas, prāí ’ṇān, índra eṇam; but also of the particle ná like: thus, vā́r ṇá; and a few other cases, as vár ṇā́ma, púnar ṇayāmasi, agnér áveṇa. More anomalous, and perhaps to be rejected as false readings, are such as trī́ṇ imā́n and akṣā́ṇ áva and suhā́rṇ ṇaḥ (MS.), and vyṛṣaṇ vā (Āpast.).