142. The palatals

The palatals, however, form here (as often elsewhere) an exception to the rules for the other mutes. No palatal is allowed as final. The च् c reverts (43) to its original क् k: thus, वाक् vā́k, अंहोमुक् aṅhomúk. The छ् ch (only quotable in the root प्रछ् prach) becomes ट् ṭ: thus प्राट् prāṭ. The ज् j either reverts to its original guttural or becomes ट् ṭ, in accordance with its treatment in other combinations (219): thus, भिषक् bhiṣák, विराट् virā́ṭ. The झ् jh does not occur, but it is by the native grammarians declared convertible to ट् ṭ.